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Thracian tomb

On the territory of the park are preserved two Thracian mounds dated 4th c. BC, in one of which is situated a tomb of a Thracian chieftain which vault arch was built of nearly identical limestone blocks without welding of cement, lime, mortar or any other material.

Presumably in the tomb was performed a funeral of a Thracian chieftain and his beloved wife. Whether the funeral was done by laying of dead bodies or incineration one could not judge precisely, since the tomb was robbed still in very distant times.

According to the legends, on this mound, called Vladislav’s , during the battle Sultan Murad II ordered a copy of the Segedin’s Peace Treaty to be stuck on a spear in order to show “the oath-breaking” of the King.

The second Thracian mound on the territory of the park – the Murad’s,had been a command observation post of Sultan Murad II.

In 1935 the construction committee of the mausoleum of King Wladyslaw marked the command post of the Sultan with setting the upper part of the old fountain, which had been situated on Independence Square (opposite the Opera House) and built in honour of the Turkish Sultan in the 1928- 1929 war .

Archaeological excavations of that second mound haven’t been made up to the present.

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