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In the museum “Vladislav Varnenchik” there is a special hall, dedicated to Yanosh Huniady – military leader of the united Christian army of king Vladislav during the two campaigns in the autumn and winter of 1443- 1444 and the battle of Varna.

He is a legendary hero, praised in Bulgarian , Hungarian, Romanian folkloric songs like Yanko Sibiyanin (Sibinyanin) , chieftain Yankula , Huniady Yanosh , Yanko de Hunedoara.

Huniady , well-known in the Bulgarian folk epos as chieftain Yankula , was born in about 1400in Transylvania in the family of a small Wallach hero from the court of king Sigizmund (according certain legends Huniady is from Bulgarian tsar’s descent).

Hå starts serving with the Serbian despot Georgi Brankovich. Later he enters the encirclement of the king as his counselor and escorts Sigizmund in Italy where he was introduced to the organization of the local military science.

In 1436 in Chechoslovakia he masters the military art of the husists and thanks to his military and political talent he quickly rises to eminence . He was given the high state post – ban of Srem, governor of the committee Temesh(head of an administrative region) and in 1456 becomes a commander-in chief of the Hungarian fighting strength near Belgrade

The risen up in the anti- Turkish battles military commander Yanosh Huniadi made audacious reforms in the Hungarian army as he combines elements of the mercenary practice and the people’s volunteer corps.

Lead by the strength of will for victory and the hatred towards the Anatolian invaders Huniady was the first who supported the idea for Polish- Hugarian union, because only the strong king’s institution will save Hungary and the other countries.


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